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I am the pet-friendly person :) They are like my children :)


Hindenburgstraße, 55118, Mainz
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Greetings from Mainz!
Hello I am Özge and 27 years old. I am living in Germany for 2 years. During Corona, my family and I adopted a puppy. Her name is Ciko! I cared about her when she was baby. She is now 2,5 years old lady. She healed me, I learnt really what the real love is.. This is precious thing for me-my life.. I moved to Germany and Ciko is living with my parent in my hometown. I am missing her too much.. But she is happy... If I change her environment, she will be unhappy.. But I can truly say that, especially after I got to know the ciko, it has taken over my whole life. There is an emptiness inside me right now... That's why I want to add new love-children to my life. I had a cat when I was much younger. I had fish and chicks. I grew up in a pet-friendly family. I know how to take care of animals. If you want, you can leave your cat or dog to me. I can take care of myself in my own home. I'm open to everything about animals.
I meet the mandatory and voluntary needs of animals. If there is any medicine they need to take, I will give them, I will go for a walk. I play game. I'll check your food and water. I pay extra attention to the toilet. Yes, I have lived in my own home with vaccinated animals. I always work with empathy. You can contact me whenever you want about your animals. You can get the necessary daily feedback from me. I am open to all your requests. So far, I have taken care of 10 dogs and 2 cats in Mainz. I had a great time with them all and I still keep in touch with the owners. My house is in the center of Neustadt. Approximately 70 m2. I usually take care of dogs at my home. I have many toys and enough space for them to spend time.

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Hindenburgstraße, 55118, Mainz

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