Wilmerdsorf Friendly Pet Sitter

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Urlaubsrate 20 €
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My name is Ignacio. I have 25 years old. I’m Argentinian guy and I love animals, since I can remember they are part of my family, I had two dogs in my family hopuse in Buenos Aires and they are waiting for me to return home soon. I miss them very much so I decided to download this application and I thought is a excellent idea to be able to surround myself with animals and be able to give them much pampering and love as they always given me .

In Argentina there are many animals in the street without family and we try to take care of them with my partner. Sometimes i adopted with my family dogs from the Street because they need love.

I love to offer my service to take care of pets, go to their homes, feed them, play with them, pamper them, take them for a walk, I could even spend the night and days with them, I will do it with a lot of love and responsibility and this really make me very happy to do it!

My boyfriend is German and i live with him and he helps me take care of the pets, so we can take care of more than one. He is loving and very gentle with pets. We both love animals.

Preis für Unterbringung
18 € / Nacht
Preis für Spaziergang
8 € / Stunde
Preis für Tagesbetreuung
21 € / Tag
Ort Berlin
Adresse Bundesalle10717 Berlin
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