Happy dog sitter that love long walks.

Service Abholen zu Hause und/oder Zurückbringen Preis *
Unterbringung 3 € / Strecke. Maximale Entfernung: 20 km 15 €
Urlaubsrate 18 €
Spaziergang im Preis inbegriffen
Maximale Entfernung: 20 km
8 €
Urlaubsrate 10 €

* Die Preise enthalten noch nicht die Kommission für Gudog.

I have had dogs and been around dog growing up. When I was a kid I use to love taking my grandmothers dog for a walk as much as I could. I have always had pets growing up as well, cats and dogs.
I love to take long walks and the weather does not make a difference to me. I could also go for a run with said dog if that is something you would like.
I always had a good connection with dogs and love their perosnalities.
I live in a house in Nieder-Eschbach with a teammate (I play basketball). I have a lot of free time on my hand and would love to fill that time with helping others.

I hope I can help you out. Send me a message.

Preis für Unterbringung
15 € / Nacht
Preis für Spaziergang
8 € / Stunde
Ort Frankfurt am Main
Adresse Albert Schweitzer Straße60347 Frankfurt am Main
Wohnart Haus
Außenbereich Balkon und Garten
Fläche des Außenbereichs
Ich habe ein Auto, in dem ich Hunde transportieren kann.