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Koko, der Hund von Raquel
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Maximale Entfernung: 15 km
12 €
Urlaubsrate 15 €

* Die Preise enthalten noch nicht die Kommission für Gudog.

My name is Raquel, I am a 28-year-old Spanish lawyer who recently moved to Berlin with the sole purpose of learning the language, keeping my job in Madrid which I exercise from here Online.
I love music, traveling, reading, films and ABOVE ALL THE ANIMALS.
As I work from home I have FULL AVAILABILITY.
I had to leave my dog "Koko" in Madrid (I miss him a lot) so I have experience with these wonderful animals and I know how important is the yours one for you.

Preis für Spaziergang
12 € / Stunde
Ort Berlin
Adresse Saalestraße12055 Berlin
Wohnart Wohnung
Außenbereich Nein