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Hello! (Fluent: English, German, Russian, Serbian, French, Finnish)

My name is Katie, I am a 24 year old Russian master’s student living in wonderful and calm Maxvorstadt area. I have a 3-year experience in dogsitting specifically and have experience handling any breed of dogs, from the tiniest ones to the biggest ones, from the melancholic ones to the most energetic ones, from “home” breeds to “fighting” breeds.

I myself am a professional eventer and am spending every day out with my horse in the stables. If your furry friend likes it, he can spend half of his day outside playing with horses, meeting other dogs and people! He will get a nice exercise if he enjoys running around and will keep himself happy and fit. This is the most important concept for me while having your lovely stay at mine. Next to my place I have Massmannpark, Olympiapark or Englischer Garten really nearby. I also love travelling a lot and going hiking or just wandering around, so there will be plenty of opportunities to be outside!

Because of that I would basically prefer a bigger dog staying with me or the smaller one that can take up long runs and being outside a lot :) however, I am open for everything! I have experience in first aid for smaller animals and obviously bigger ones. I also have a vet station right next to my place.

Unfortunately one of my furry friends-“clients” had been put down in the beginning of the year so I am searching to meet some new buddies! I believe that not the person chooses an animal but the animal chooses the person. I am open to any questions and inquiries! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Preis für Unterbringung
25 € / Nacht
Ort München
Adresse Schellingstr A80797 München
Wohnart Wohnung
Außenbereich Nein
Ich habe ein Auto, in dem ich Hunde transportieren kann.