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Cooper, der Hund von Antonina
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Hello, pawrents. This is Antonina (or Toni) from Ukraine. I am 26 year old MBA graduate. If I had to post all the pictures of all the animals I've taken care of you would be swiping through them for days. So to have my story organized I'll go in order by countries:

1. Ukraine. For 3 years I was volunteering and making donations to rescue non-killer shelter for dogs "Planet" in Vinnytsia city. I had a schnauzer of my own for 13 years. Helped to raise and rehome 4 dogs and 2 cats.

2.USA. For my entire year of stay, I weekly volunteered in Rogue River animal shelter in Grand Pass, Oregon. Lived and took care during this time of 3 Shih tzus, a large mixed breed dog, 3 cats and found a home for 4 kittens.

3.Taiwan. Taught beginner class about horses and animal body language to kids. Volunteered with Taiwan SPCA at the animal shelter. Involved university students to participate in shelter dog walks and cleaning. Fostered dogs for the private rescue organization the ACT. Out of 7 years in Taipei 4 years was providing at home doggy sitting and boarding. 1 year before leaving Taiwan I adopted a pup of my own. The fully black dog that you can repeatedly see on some photos is my formosan mountain dog Cooper.

4. Around 2 years ago I was fostering a puppy in Taiwan, which ended up joining my life (and is sleeping on my feet right now while I am filling in this post). She was rescued from the busy mountain road, had skin problems and infections, but antibiotics and desire to live made her thrive. Cooper had a lot of behavioral issues some of which we are still working on. But I don't imagine my life now without my little bed hog, same as you don't imagine your life without your furbabe/s. Recently Cooper and I moved to Berlin and while I am not occupied with a full-time job in my professional field yet I am willing to do what my heart has been longing for.
I would gladly provide services: pet walking, feeding, bathing, day visits. I have experience with various dogs and cats in terms of sizes, breeds and tempers (including tripods and semi paralized animals). Love and patience is my only recipe.
Simply because I love animals more than anything else created in this world.

Have a pawsome day,
Toni and Cooper

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