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Helloing ,
This is Yiğit. I’m 30 years old. I was born and grew up in Izmir, Turkey. I’m married and living together with my husband in Berlin since last year April. We live in Schöneberg. I am still attending a German course and not yet so fluent in German, but I can speak more or less at B2 level. I also speak good English and Turkish as my native language.

I love animals and I have always been with and around them. As a kid, we had an adorable Setter named Kontes and our love bird Can, which was just loud but a very smart birdie. I started living and working in Istanbul, when I started the university. While I lived there, I had two of the most adorable, the loveliest cats, Muazzez and Rıfkı.

It as a source of a side income being of the secondary importance, for me the charm of this, is the joyful time & peaceful feeling that comes with giving them company and making them feel happier.

If you need to inquire one of my services, I will be happy to hear from you and will answer to any inquiries, as soon as possible.

I’m available for bookings during weekdays and weekends as well as the major holidays;
-Christmas Week
-New Year’s

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