Student girl who loves dogs with experience

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Hallo my name is Garance I am a student from France and I live Berlin at 2 minutes from Gleisdreick I speak a little bit German and I love dogs I always had a dog since I was little.
I had two dogs ( one medium and one big) both came from shelters one died at the age of 17 and the other is in France with my parents I miss her so much because I rescued her when she was a baby and I was used to spend all my time with her.
I love running swimming and long walks that was
I was doing with my dogs

It will be such a pleasure to take care of a dog or many because I miss spending my time with animals.
Honestly if I could do that for free I will do it but I need to pay my bills.

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Ort Berlin
Adresse Alvenslebenstr A
Wohnart Wohnung
Außenbereich Balkon
Fläche des Außenbereichs 5 m²