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Big babies I miss the most in the world! This is Gaia
Big babies I miss the most in the world! This is Kanan
Chewie, the new addition to the family. Loves going up couches and licking our faces!
The most adorable Chow Chow puppy in the world!!
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I am from Brazil and recently moved to Berlin. Back home I have 3 dogs and love spending time with them. The two bigs ones we have had for 5 years now. Gaia even had babies when she was 3 and we had the opportunity to care for them until they found a home. We played with them, fed them, cleaned when necessary. We also had 2 old Malteses in the house. They required a lot of care, both being sick and one of them blind. So we always checked for their food, helped them eat, calm them and talk to them. I was always the one helping driving them to doctors for exams or vaccines. Unfortunately both passed away.
Now we have a new addition to the family, our adorable Chewie. And he is full of energy always wanting to run and play ball.
We have a big space in the house so mostly we do not need to walk them but as part of exercise routines I have done so with the two big ones.
Never had any cats but also love them and have been in friend's houses that have them :).

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