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Lily, my first dog
Woody, Lily and Juca
Olie on first day at home
Big Olie
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My name is Flavia, I'm 24 years old and I am a pet lover. I had 4 dogs, 1 parrot and 5 horses, so you can imagine how I like animals.
I never had 1 day without a dog in my hause. How we have a big dog (golden retriver) now in Lisbon and for now we do not have a garden for him. we usually go out with him 5 times per day, so I go out with him twice per day, and then the others ones that live here go out more tree times.
My first dog was a small mix podle, called Lily, my mom gave me when I had 4 years old because I could not sleep alone. She was the best dog in my life, she died with 18 years old, that means 3/4 of my live. Lily had 4 diferents "brothers" in her life, Juca (Labrador), Woody (St Bernard), Olie (Golden Retriver, I have 4 years now) and the small Caco (Maltese, 3 years old).
So for me it is really amazing to care for dog, because it is an animal that just give the owner and they just ask for love back, and food .... For me it is the best animal on earth.
So, talk about me now, I'm going to learn German in June, and while I have classes I want a job, so I decide to mix one thing that I love to do.

It will be my pleasure to go with your dog :)

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