Enthusiastic and reliable dog walker (:

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Hello everybody! (: I’m Alice, I’m 24 and I’m a master student coming from Italy.
I love dogs - I had one myself, who left a huge hole in my heart and life. My best memories ever are related to the countless days I’ve spent at my riding school with her and the horse I used to ride. Since she passed away I’ve been walking friends’ dogs and then I turned it into a side job, basically because I felt so happy every time I got the chance to spend time with dogs again. For one year, I’ve been walking a lovely Golden Retriever on a daily basis. I’ve also spent a lot of quality time alone with the dogs of my ex flatmate (two funny French Bulldogs) and with the cutest and smartest Border collie mix ever, who belonged to a boy I dated.
I’m interested in some dog education and training, but I never got the opportunity to work on it seriously (hopefully not yet!). I also have good knowledge of breeds’ characteristics.
I’m fluent in Italian, English and French, while my oral German is not very good yet. Still, I can handle a conversation - you just need to be patient at times, but I’m very willing to improve. Also I understand and speak some Spanish. By the way, not to be forgotten is the fact that I can actually speak “dog” - I’m very sensitive towards our four-legged friends and I do know how to read dog’s body language.
Looking forward to meeting you and your dogs! (:

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