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Nyx, der Hund von Barbara
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Hi there! And Woof from Nyx as well!

Thanks for checking out our profile.

Nyx is my fellow doggy companion for last 8 years. I am living in Berlin for almost 3 years now; however, back home we were always surrounded by animals. Whether it be dog or cats, I have also had Guinea Pigs around, a rabbit, mice and even a hedgehog and a stick insect. As an animal lover I just love spending time with them adorable critters from small to big sizes. And as a dog owner I am also fully aware how important it is for dogs to get their regular walks and as much company and activity possible and how much it means to know that your dog is not alone for too long and having fun in the meantime while respecting all the rules you insist on with your pet. That is why I made myself available to take care of your bundle of joy if needed.

I am available to visit your pet, take it for a walk alone or with my own dog for more company, which needs to be discussed upfront or I can also stay over night. I do not offer home boarding since my dog takes up all the space and she stays in good and loving hands while I am gone.

For any questions and further information do not hesitate to contact me. Wish you a nice day, wherever you might be!

Barbs & Nyx

Preis für Spaziergang
9 € / Stunde
Ort Berlin
Adresse Grenadierstrasse13597 Berlin
Wohnart Wohnung
Außenbereich Nein
Ich habe ein Auto, in dem ich Hunde transportieren kann.